Hi friend in Christ,

Thank you for visiting my blog.

My name is Tiara Hall and here is a little about me,

Enjoy. 🌸

I am a Jesus Lover and God has saved me more than plenty. I am extremely grateful for the gifts God has given me and for this platform to write and share my testimony.

Let’s take this journey together, growing, changing, and loving Christ as well as each other. All are welcome here, especially in the eyes of God!

Enjoy the journey with me. 🌸


“Tiara Hall is an experienced Christian social media content creator with a demonstrated history of working in Christian leadership and education.
Tiara Hall is skilled in Writing, Content Creations, Peer Mentoring, and Public Speaking. She is serving as Vice President for the Christian nonprofit organization “God Squad” and is the Creator of the “Tiara, words from God” Podcast, as well as the “TiaraSunshine42″ blog. Tiara is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Religion Degree from Liberty University to speak the Word of God throughout Worldwide Ministry and Missions.”


– Tiara, words from God. ♡