I forgave myself, too.

God doesn’t want you to worry,
Instead he wants you to have peace.
I pray for your peace and safety today.
That you conquer all things that are bothering you through Christ Jesus.
We were not put on this earth to worry. Yet, the world, sin, flesh and the enemy – Satan, makes us feel that we should worry and if we don’t that we don’t care or want God’s acceptance.
Do not let the enemy do this to you.

“Worry is worthless” – Rick Warren

Instead I ask you to turn to God and give ALL OF YOUR WORRIES TO HIM!
I ask you to forgive yourself and those around you, just as Jesus Christ has forgiven you and died on the cross, for you.

I am attaching 2 videos for you to watch, please use them to your advantage by taking 20 – 25 minutes out of your day today and change your life through Jesus Christ.

May God bless you, free you from all sin, low-self esteem, lack of confidence, and unforgiviness.

But remember, you have to trust in God first and give him all your worries and forgive others and yourself just as he has forgiven you. It may seem scary and difficult but this is why he is here to help us, because he knows we cannot do it alone. God wants to, and will, help you with all your obstacles as with God, nothing is impossible.

May God bless you,
God loves you, Jesus loves you, the Holy Spirit loves you!

“When you worry about tomorrow’s problems, you miss all the blessings of today.” – Rick Warren

I love you too 🙂

– Tiara, words from God. ♡


Watch “LET GO & TRUST GOD | Overcoming Worry – Inspirational & Motivational Video” on YouTube

Watch “WILL GOD FORGIVE ME – Inspirational & Motivational Video” on YouTube

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